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Safe Manual Handling of Large Laminated Glass

Laminated glass  safe handling

All our fitters are fully trained in –

  • Health and safety issues linked to the safe handling and installation of all glass
  • The safe operation of all machinery needed to perform linked tasks
  • Industry best practices

They are continually assessed to ensure they are up to date with any changes made to regulation, machinery and industry best practices.

Transportation by road

All our vehicles are designed to safely transport glass sized up to 4.7m wide by 3.2m high.

Placing glass in hard to reach windows

We have access to lifting equipment that can lift large laminated glass windows to high out of reach apertures. All
our fitters are fully trained in the safe operation of such machinery.

Transportation of large laminated glass windows through precincts

We have trolleys designed to safely transport large laminated glass panes through public precincts.


As part of our window fitting service we have lifting gear capable of lifting a laminated glass pane weighing up to 250kg 7.5m high. And with a Woods MRT4 battery four sucker pad it is capable of turning 360 degrees with a full payload.

This makes our laminated glass window fitting service extremely flexible, safe and more importantly to you, quick.

We have undertaken many jobs that required the fitting of large, heavy laminated glass windows in hard to get to apertures.

Insurance companies, large corporate clients and public sector clients keep commissioning us for such demanding jobs because of the expertise they know we have through previously using us.