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Foggy Window Repair

Foggy window repair service

Once you see your double glazed windows start to get foggy, misty or a build up of condensation this indicates the unit has failed.

This failure could be due to many things but it will happen over time as the dessicant would have been at the end of its shelf life.

Units sitting in water etc or unit coming to the end of its life expectancy.

The problem can be tackled in a couple of ways –


  • A repair where a patented system allows the fogging to be extracted.

    This system claims to be very effective. However, we have had a number of customers return to us following this treatment due to the fact that the oxidation stain (white staining) remains. At the end of the day replacing the affected double glazed unit is not expensive and comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Units are manufactured to EN 1279 pt 2 and glass is supplied and fitted to BS6262 pt4, installed safety glass clearly marked with Markings to the relevant glass type.